Use Smarthost with Exchange 2003

1. Open Exchange System Manager
2. Select [ServerName], click Protocols, and then click SMTP.
3. Right-click the Default SMTP Virtual Server object, and click Properties.

4. Click the Delivery tab

5. Click Advanced

6. Inset the hostname off the smarthost/relay server

Change Outbound Port:
1. Click Outbound connections

2. Change TCP port to 26


Change port used by Exchange 2007 / 2010 send connector when using smarthost

Some smarthost providers/smtp relay servers will only allow you to connect to ports other than port 25 or your ISP is blocking outgoing port 25.

In both cases you have to change the SendConnector port, this can’t be done in the exchange management console, so you have to use the Exchange Managment Shell.

List SendConnectors and port nummers:

Get-SendConnector | ft Id*,Sm*s,po*

Change the port for SendConnector:

Set-SendConnector "[SendConnector name]" -port [Port nummer]


Set-SendConnector “OutboundMail” -port 3535