Send mails from Sharp MFP printer ends up in Spam/unwanted mail-folder

If you experience mails sent from your Sharp MFP printer ends up in spam it could be due to the fact that the MFP printer sends “on behalf of”

To change this behavior, log in to the printer and chose system settings -> Settings for picture send -> scan settings

(please note the above path is loosely translated from danish)

Check that Sendername og email-address is filled in.

eLux Update failed: bad flash size, OS version 4.11.5-1

We have problem updating our Fujitsu S700 and S720 they are stucked in OS Version Elux RP 4.11.5-1, when we tried to update the OS to version 5 we getting the error message

detailed log says:

the client tell that it have a 1,8GB flash, but a system partition is only 453 MB.

the solution for us was to create a mini base image of the eLux 5.6 with minimum of packages, so that it could fit under the 450 MB volume, and then when it have completed successfully, we then could flash the full image to the device

Raspberry Pi 3: power off usb ports from shell

Raspberry Pi 3: power off usb ports from shell

power off

power on:



Octopi: You should consider upgrading via the ‘pip install –upgrade pip’ command.

If you keeo getting: You are using pip version 8.1.2, however version 9.0.1 is available. when you update a plugin in the Octopi Plugin manager.
and you try to upgrade pip when the command you see, “pip install –upgrade pip” you will get a command not found
use this command instead:

Veeam – Unable to allocate processing resources. Error: Failed to take in-guest VSS snapshot COM Error: Code: 0x80042308

Download Hyper-V integration

Force reinstall of Hyper-V integration
1. download HyperV Integrations Compontens
2. run command:

3. Validate file version on this file c:\windows\system32\drivers\vmbus.sys it must be at least 6.3.9600.17415 – Note: this file doesn’t seem to be present in Server 2012 R2


Headless Wifi and SSH on Raspberry PI – Rasbian

Auto connect to Wifi on boot
Create a file called “wpa_supplicant.conf” on the boot partition
the file should look like this:

Enable SSH from first boot
Create a empty file called ssh no extension just ssh

3dprint en reservedel

Jeg stod mod et 10 Gbit Intel netkort som havde været i brug i en tower server (fuld højde PCI), men da den nye erstatnings server var en rack server, stod jeg med problemet, jeg havde kun en fuldhøjde pcibracket til kortet, men jeg skulle bruge den i halvhøjde.

Jeg undersøgte mulighederne for at få fat i en low profile bracket som reservedel til kortet, men nået ret hurtigt frem til, at det ville kræve at jeg udskiftet kortet, men da kortet havde kørt perfekt i den gamle server, så jeg ingen grund til at udskifte kortet, og tanken slog mig, om det mund ikke var muligt at tegne bracken og herefter 3dprinte den.

Jeg havde i forvejen købt en 3dprinter hos , var det kun opgaven med at tegne modellen der kunne blive en udfordring, men efter jeg fandt en 3d model af en low profile bracket, var det enete der manglede at få det tilpasset til mit kort, med skruehuller, samt huller til rj45 interfacet, og i løbet af om 1 time havde jeg et fungerende low profil bracket til mit netkort, og kortet har den dag i dag været kørende i en rack server det seneste år

det printet resultat:

Link til modellen: Thingiverse: 10Gbit Intel AT2 Server Adapter Low Profile Bracket

Change Outlook 2011 max attachment size

Change Outlook 2011 max attachment size

Increase the “maxRequestLength” to 51200000 in web.config (found in ‘ClientAccess\exchweb\ews’ & ‘ClientAccess\owa’).
Increase the “maxReceivedMessageSize” 51200000 to  in web.config  (found in ‘ClientAccess\exchweb\ews’).

Open command prompt & run the following:

Requirements Exchange 2010 SP3 (Will not work with  eg. SP1)



IBM IMM default login info

Finding IBM IMM ip:

1) Download IBM Advanced Settings Utility

2) Unzip the packet, and open commandline and go to the folder

3) Type “asu64 show”, this will show you the current config for the IMM card (including the ip address)

4) You can also change the ip by typing “asu64 set imm.hostipaddress1 [IP Address]” eg. ( asu64 set imm.hostipaddress1 )

default user: USERID
default pass: PASSW0RD (with a zero, not the letter O)