Configure Cisco AP 1131/1141

How to configure Cisco Ap 1131 or 1141

Default Login
Login: Cisco
Password: Cisco
Enable password Cisco

Telnet to the accesspoint (default it get a dhcp address)

Config t
Hostname Cisco1

dot11 ssid <SSID name>
authentication open
authentication key-management  wpa version 2
wpa-psk ascii 0 <WPA key/preeshared key>

interface dot11radio0
encryption mode ciphers aes-ccm
ssid <SSID name>
no shutdown

config t
username Cisco password 0 <new password>
enable secret 0 <new password>
copy run start


Cisco ASA 8.4 Port Forwarding (Pat/Nat) ASDM

Cisco ASA 8.4 Port Forwarding Port 25 with ASA 8.4 with ASDM

Step 1. Open ASDM and jumb to Configuration mode:

Step 2. Click Add, choose Network Object… (Found in the Right side panel)

Step 3.
Ip address: type the Inside ipaddress of the pc/server
check Add Automatic Address Translation Rules
Type: static
Translated Addr: choose the WAN interface (default it is outside)
Click Advanced

Step 4.
Souce Interface: Choose the interface which the pc/server is connected
Destination Interface: Choose the WAN interface (default it is outside)
Protocol: tcp
Real Port and Mapped Port: Type smtp og the port nummer your want to open

Step 5. Create a Access Rule, click Add, and choose Add Access Rule…

Step 6.
Interface: Outsite
Action: Permit
Source: Any
Destination: The object we just created

Allow PPTP traffic through ASA

Insert the following in the configuration:

class-map inspection_default
match default-inspection-traffic
policy-map global_policy
class inspection_default
inspect pptp
service-policy global_policy global

Cisco VPN Client for Win 7 and WWAN Devices/Mobile Broadband 3g/4g

Problem with some Mobile Broadband devices eg. Huawei E392 used as Telia for 4g usb modem.

it connect just fine, but you can´t access the iprange through the vpn tunnel, and it look like that no traffic has been transferred through the vpn

Install this fix, and reboot the pc:

win 7 x86:

dneupdate (Mirror)

Win 7 x64:

dneupdate64 (Mirror)